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CySure's unique Virtual Online Security Officer allows SMBs to continually monitor and oversee an effective cyber-risk mitigation strategy with the minimum of time, effort and money.
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Virtual Online Security Officer (VOSO)

Both the US and UK governments state that by setting information system safety goals that align with business needs and getting basic internet security plans and processes up and running, companies can prevent 80% of cyber-attacks.

The CySure 80-20 approach will quickly get you that 80% protection with 20% of the effort. Here is how it is done:

US government NIST, UK GCHQ Cyber Essentials best practice frameworks and standards are great documents that lay out what you need to lock down your company. Unfortunately, these documents are huge and mostly indecipherable to the business community.

CySure translated these Government best practice frameworks and standards into a living, security policy dashboard. This dashboard provides top management with guidance on:

  • Assessing existing information security practices
  • Setting computer network security goals that align with business needs
  • Reporting current internet and cyber security status to the company leadership
  • What tasks need to be done, and by when, to continually ensure protection for your business

The Virtual Online Security Officer (VOSO) analyzes and reports directly to you via a dashboard. The big advantage is that the VOSO works for you at a fraction of the cost of their human counterpart.

CySure's Virtual Officer reports on your current level of security, what you need to do to reduce the risk of a cyber breach to a level that meets your company's fiduciary requirements. And it is all done in plain business language so you can manage your cyber-security without having to be a computer network specialist.