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Activating CySure's unique Virtual Online Security Officer (VOSO) gets your business on the road to becoming both cyber-secure and GDPR compliant for just  £1 per user per month!

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About CySure

Our internet security company founders have decades of experience in operational and risk management covering a broad variety of industry sectors that include finance, oil and gas and defense. Having encountered situations where a lack of simple process and investment was causing cyber breaches they began to develop CySure to guide companies through complex, emerging safety procedures and protocols.

By directing companies to what tasks need to be completed and by when, CySure’s solution maintains a constantly secure environment against the unending threat of cyber-attack. CySure take US NIST and UK CE cybersecurity standards and simplifies them into easy steps you can take to improve the online security of your company and reduce the risk of a breach. Our service reports and alerts senior management on the status of how the company’s security policies are being adhered to and provides an evidence trail to that can be referenced in the event of a breach or litigation.

CySure also supplies cyber insurance to supplement your security strategy to offset crippling forensic and remediation costs in the event of a cyber breach.