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CySure's unique Virtual Online Security Officer allows SMBs to continually monitor and oversee an effective cyber-risk mitigation strategy with the minimum of time, effort and money.
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Virtual Information Security Officer Protects Offices Against Cyber Attack

Any small and medium sized business needs to continually protect its information from the threat of security breaches coming from the internet. Research by the UK and US governments reveals 80% of cyber-attacks can be prevented simply by putting the right controls in place. Yet almost all small and medium sized companies struggle to lock it all down. In practice, 90% of SMB’s are wide open to a potentially crippling internet attack.

The difficulty is internet security is complex and best practices tend to be confusing. Government and industry groups provide some help with guidelines. Trouble is their frameworks are usually hard to understand, written by technocrats and are simply too costly and cumbersome for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to implement.

This is where CySure’s Virtual Online Security Officer (VOSO) steps in. This Virtual Officer is fully conversant with US Government’s NIST, HIPAA, and UK Government’s Cyber Essentials (CE) standards. The difference is CySure’s Virtual Officer speaks your language. CySure’s VOSO tells the Board what you should be doing and when, to protect your online equipment and stored data. CySure’s VOSO is continually aware of your security status, providing plain-speaking reports against cyber-security best practice to ensure compliance throughout your organization.

Run This By Me Again, Please!

Information systems security, sometimes referred to as INFOSEC, refers to the processes and methodologies keeping information confidential but available to the right people. This is done by:

  • Access controls, which prevent unauthorized personnel from entering or accessing a system.
  • Protecting information
  • The detection and remediation of security breaches, as well as documenting those events.

CySure's VOSO solution addresses all of this with one simple cost effective solution designed specifically for small and medium sized businesses.

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Benefits of CySure

  • Reduced risk of cyber-attack and its impact on the company’s financial stability and reputation.
  • Reduced risk of litigation of data breach lawsuits against the company by proving Directors observed their fiduciary responsibilities using CySure to action, report, to oversee the company’s cybersecurity policies.
  • You become a more trusted business partner and vendor who protects their and their business partner’s assets against cyber-attacks.
  • Low cost insurance against crippling remediation costs in the event of a breach. $36,000 to $50,000+ for a small company. (Source First Data Market Insight).
  • Reduced cyber-security insurance premium through CySure reducing the company’s risk profile.

… and it doesn’t cost much either!

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