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Business Continuity

This service is provided to ensure that all customer systems are available to the business during a required operational window, can survive damage or equipment failure and be recovered and returned to operation with an agreed time period and in accordance with agreed SLAs.

Remote Monitoring

Our remote monitoring product is based on Ninja RMM and a full description of their capability can be seen here

Secure Network

Our secure network service means we analyze with you your networking needs then design, deploy and monitor secure network devices to ensure that your network security is strong, that your network remains secure over time and that any attacks on your network are detected and reported so that any new threats can be addressed.

Hardware Management

Our purpose in offering this service is based on understanding the risks of the business, assessing the probability and impact of those risks and then progressively evolving the underlying infrastructure platforms so that they provide a reliable and secure platform to support the business within a known and acceptable risk envelope underpinned by robust security principles.

Solution Design

We provide a service for Customers to design solutions based on their requirements that we first establish and document with them. This service covers the development of solutions that comprise predominantly Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) hardware and software, potentially including the development of integration software or implementation of existing third-party integration. 

Software Development

Our DNS as an organization is in software development and systems integration, designing, delivering, supporting and migrating complex solutions for a range of organizations including government, large enterprises and SMEs.

We are skilled in the design and development of cloud-based solutions exploiting AWS and can deliver cost effective mission critical solutions in that environment in conjunction with an integration or migration project connecting new applications into the organizations existing information systems. 


We can provide training related to any of the services that we provide. 

Most of our courses are related to Cyber Security offerings that we provide.  However, we have reasonable understanding of generic training needs for project management, solution architecture and particular technologies such as those from IBM, Red Hat, AWS, MariaDB, Actian and Microsoft to name but a few.

The courses that we author and deliver can be provided via a number of channels: Face to face, Instructor led online or online self-paced.  Delivery of courses from third parties will be in accordance with their standard terms and conditions.

Security Accreditation

This service is provided to support an organization that wishes to be accredited against a particular cyber security standard, including:

  • CE
  • NIST
  • GDPR
  • ISO

Security Policy

If you take this policy, we will help you to define and implement a security policy that meets the needs of your business, and align with industry standards.

Vulnerability Scanning

This service will mean that we scan all the devices on your network and report to you all the vulnerabilities on your network and tell you the level of risk associated with each vulnerability.

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